Friday, July 11, 2008

Dave Wilbur's Quick Review of Desautels Case Tucson 2008

I'm extremely proud of my parents for winning the Desautels Award at the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show after only 3 years of collecting. They have learned a phenomenal amount in such a short time and are quite an inspiration. Perhaps I'll extend this blog to include more of the natural beauty found deep within the earth...


A Fly On The Wall said...

Thanks for this - you have every reason to be proud of your parents and their collection.

Gail has inspired me to get more involved in the Mineral Collecting Field...and in the collecting field in general. I think she has motivated a new wave of female collectors.

Robyn Hawk
Tucson Gem Show - Live
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Mrs. Gail P. Spann said...

We are proud of you too!

rocketbird said...

Finally had a chance to watch the video. Beautiful collection!